Web Site Template

I've written a frames template as a wrapper for your Web pages:

See Example and then Download if you like it.

I've tested it with IE and Nutscrape at various resolutions and it seems okay. Not sure about other browsers...the menu uses javascript.

I know some people consider frames to be the work of the devil, but it's the only way I could keep a menu on screen without hacking your own pages (although I would recommend removing any background images and keeping the background white, otherwise it looks awful and shows up the wasted white space around the main frame). The side menu is perhaps not to everyone's taste, but think of it this way, they don't print the contents on every page in a book...

The main problem is that if the side menu at the top left corner gets much longer it vanishes behind the main frame. There's not much I can do about that. :-(

Either rename your own banner (I used Xara 3D4) and logo "banner.png" and "logo.png" respectively or edit the names in top.html. Resize as necessary; the example banner and logos are 60 pixels high.

To edit the menu, edit ssmItems.js.

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